Wednesday, November 11, 2009

But it's not Friday!

Hi - I know we said we would be posting every Friday, if possible, and immediately, we find a week when we can't!  We are so excited to be off this weekend playing in Arizona!  

We are heading to Mesa, AZ for The Attic's wonderful symposium!  We went last year and had such a terrific time, that we had to go again this year!  What makes it even better is our friends Barbara and Beth will be able to come, too, and we'll be seeing Pat Evans of Lakeside Linens there, too - she's presenting a class on hand-dyed fabric! I can't wait to get my hands into the dye - reminds me of the old Dick Van Dyke show where Rob and Laura accidentally dyed their hands black and then had to go to a fancy dress event!  Laura looked elegant in elbow-length white gloves, but Rob just looked silly!

So, Friday's post will be unavoidably delayed, but we'll make up for it (we hope you think so) by telling you all about it on Monday.

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