Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Norfolk Inspirations...

Oh, we're having quite the Norfolk summer here in the Seattle area!  Thanks to Donna L.,  we've discovered a "new" sampler that has been charted!  Sarah Parr - 1825 is a lovely little thing, and has been available in the past as Sandra Murray has charted a reproduction.  Donna also contacted Jean Lea of Attic Needlework, and the sampler will be available again.  Contact Jean if you are interested.  This picture is from a years-ago Attic newsletter.  It shows the original sampler laid on top of the stitched reproduction.   I'm sure it will soon be featured in one of Jean's newsletters again!  (Just love those butterflies!)

To celebrate more of the Norfolk Traditions, we've added some new products to our burgeoning line of Norfolk and Norfolk-inspired products!  

We have a Norfolk Inspired Spool Huswif - we love the way the silk pin cushion is set off with the tea-dyed lace.  Doesn't it look like it stepped right out of an antique sewing basket?

This adorable Deer Token Accordion Foldout features charts of deer taken from some of our samplers.  The cover photo is another motif that reminds us of the Norfolk samplers.

The Norfolk Book Box Etui is a diminutive grain-painted beauty ready to get you stitching while traveling - in style! 

And the Norfolk Deer Etui is a lovely piece taken from our own design - The Norfolk Sampler Tradition!  Filled with scissors, needle threader and needle, it's an easy gift to slip into an envelope for a secret sister...

We know we've been quiet lately, and we hope to catch up with lots of you this summer, but now at least you can see what we've been up to in the workshop!   See all of these lovelies on our "What's New" page on our website!

And on the stitching front, Julie has finished her Dark Alphabet and has a couple of new charts to add for a topper and a signature square, along with pictures of her finished piece!  Next time!


  1. It was so great seeing you in PA Julie! I now keep seeing Norfolk samplers everywhere :)

  2. I know - I think they ARE everywhere! :D


  3. Lovely gift ideas. I'm really excited about the next post, seeing Julie's finished Dark Alphabet.


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