Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Dark Alphabet Revisited

Julie has FINALLY finished her dark alphabet!  It looks great, and she is now contemplating framing styles...  The addition of a topper with a title and a signature block gives you some ideas about finishing off your alphabet.  We've uploaded the charts for you.

An uncial alphabet for the topper seemed appropriate, and we've always loved the look of it!  The signature is an adaptation of the simple alphabet we've been using all through the piece, and of course, placement, etc. is just a suggestion.  We'd love to see more pictures from you all as you finish a block here and there.  I've heard from some people who are using one or two blocks for ornies or smalls, and we would so love to feature some of those on the blog!

Julie is now knee deep in mermaid scales, as we are both tackling Amy Mitten's online class!  There's always something new to stitch!
We hit the "publish" button too soon last time - we forgot to add the cute little butterfly pin that lives on the NorfolkInspired Spool Huswif!  Here's how it looks with her lovely enhancement!  Because we hand-finish each of these huswifs, there are small differences between them - yours might not look exactly as pictured, but we do our best to make sure that each and every one is lovely!



  1. Wow it is looking so pretty..
    And beautiful pin keep..
    Hugs x

  2. Beautiful...a lovely finish xx Well done

  3. This looks strangely familiar...

    I love the way you've stitched the top, it really suits the longer thinner layout. I also love the moon in C, almost made me want to redo mine!

    It would be great to see more finishes too.

    1. Thanks, Jo - I had so little fabric that I had to make a smaller topper than I'd have liked (like they say "PLAN AHead", hahahaha. But I do like how it turned out - like a bell-pull somewhat! I think that moon is the best moment in my piece - I like my Kelpie, too, but the moon is my real fave....

      Now come on everyone! I've heard people are stitching - let's see some pictures!



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