Thursday, April 15, 2010

Online Show

Is everyone looking at the Online Needlework Show?  I've now been through the entire site and have a long list of wants and must-haves!  Becky and I have been working like elves to finish everything up - we're ready now to enjoy the show and think about where we go next!

Our newest items have really been a labor of love - in that we love them, and think you will too!  Take a peek and see if you don't agree!  

Everything can be found on our What's New page on our website, of course!  

As we think about "what's next", we find ourselves bubbling over with ideas and may soon be headed in a new direction!  Coming with us for this wild ride will be Pandora Boxworthy - an imagined figure from the beginning of the 19th century about to embark on a wonderful new adventure!  Are you ready?  Hold on tight - here we go!

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