Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

You'll have noticed we're late with any postings this/last week!  Becky is our main blog writer and researcher and she's been on spring break with her family!  Meantime, I've been reading lots of other blogs, and have a few tidbits and gifties to point you towards while we frantically get our act together.  (Pay no notice to that man behind the curtain!)

First, if you haven't been reading Tricia Wilson Nguyen's blog, now's your chance to really catch up on a fascinating story.  Over the past two years, Tricia and several others have spearheaded a project producing an historically-accurate version of a 16th C. embroidered jacket.  The results are stunning (read the December posts) and the whole story of how it was accomplished with thousands of volunteer-hours is told.  Yesterday, though, there appeared a note about the Bard Video.  Go to that post and get a link for a short video program that was made for PBS on the wonderful exhibit "Twixt Art and Nature" that was shown in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum last year.  Many of us missed it, so this little taste was scrumptious!

Next, head over to Needleprint's blog - there's always something wonderful going on there, and today's no exception!  The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, England, has put photographs of their samplers online.  Or rather, they are in the process of doing so - They have 127 samplers - most are now pictured online and many of those have a magnifier available to show you high resolution images of the stitches and details.  Lovely!  To see them, click here and then type Sampler in the search box.  If you inadvertently type Samplers, as I did, you will get only a few -  sets of multiple samplers stitched by the same person.

Lastly, The Sampler Girl has a lovely spring-like freebie available on her blog.  It's very pretty and sweet!

Enjoy the week - we'll be back with more MESDA information soon!

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