Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is very little we like as much as Christmas, so we decided to take a pre-holiday jaunt to San Francisco, and we had a lovely time.  In fact, we thought we should show you!  Becky had found a Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, and we decided it must be the perfect time to visit our friend Marian in the Bay Area.  Here we are enjoying a night out with her.  

Marian Soss, whose sampler collection is the subject of our book "Let Love Abide", is all things delightful, and we had a wonderful time visiting with her.  It was so good to just sit and talk - you know how that goes....

We also did a little shopping, of course, but one reason for our trip was to get away from the dreary Seattle rain and find a little sun!  Well - torrential rains and winds met us and kept up until we left, so that was not to be, but we did manage to find a few bright spots!  Here's Becky shopping in Berkeley, where she found "her restaurant"!

This little movie also shows how enchanted we were with the Christmas lights the shops featured.

But the piece de resistance was, of course, The Dickens Fair.  Come with us into the street of London during  the Dickensian period....

First, you will be met by Maudie Hawkins, whose little dog is "the very best ratter in all of London town!"  She also sells bits of lace and fabric in case you are in a buying mood...  And if later on, you decide you do want her services after all, why, just "send a telegram to Maudie 'Awkins in Grey's Lane and she'll come round to your 'ouse straightaway!"

You might also be accosted by a chimney-sweep, or some of the "ladies" down by the docks! 

We were invited to a tea party by the Mad Hatter, which did not best please the Queen of Hearts, who had NOT received her invite!  

But all ended well with Alice and other children enjoying their tea and riddles very much!  "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" you might well ask.  You won't get an answer, but you might well ask.

On we went to enjoy the entertainment (country dancing in this case), and later to peruse what there might be to eat.

We visited Mr. Dickens' home, and were told the great man himself would be there later in the day, but alas, we missed him!  

We thought about the local pub,

but the Cornish pasties in a shop window were calling us

another bakery featured gingerbread and other delights  - we were spoiled for choice!

We continued through the streets of London

listened to a speech on temperance

tried on hats in a lovely shop

marveled at the signs of the shops!

We  noted that the fair was in town and thought about seeing the Bearded Lady and other Wonders...

or riding the carousel....

Becky even convinced Julie to pose for a picture!

Perhaps not her best side....

There was a pretty little Tea Shoppe, 

with an excellent kitchen...

and we peeked in at an afternoon soiree.

Victorian rooms are just filled with so many interesting things to see....

Speaking of interesting things, this fellow seemed to be an inventor of some sort - very scientific!

We ended the day with some wonderful Christmas carols, before we were whisked back home by jet!
It was a lovely stroll back in time, and we hope you've enjoyed the trip as much as we did!

This trip certainly pointed out that I am NOT ready for Christmas!  Are you?  If you have any stitching friends you still need to find things for, why not take a look at what's new over at In the Company of Friends?  

Tokens of Friendship is a wonderful gift - for your friend, your spouse, or yourself!  The deadline for signing up for this year-long extravaganza of gifts is coming up - don't miss out!  

All of our Golden Splendor Casket boxed sets are gone now - but we do still have some of the very nicely priced Gilded Swan Sets - we hurried to get these done for Christmas giving because we knew how much fun they would be.  Get yours while they last!


  1. oh ladies it looked like fun wish i could have come. here's to Christmas and all that stitching that awaits.

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