Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest Boxed Set Available!

We are so excited to share our newest limited edition piece with all of you!  This has been in the works for awhile - we kept thinking of more and more things to add to it and some are different than anything we have offered before, so it took some hunting to come up with the pieces we needed to create it all.  Each time we create a new box, it's our favorite, so you won't be surprised to hear this is our very favorite of them all.  We call it "Golden Splendor".  We alluded to it in the last blog, so you might have guessed what it is.  It is our own version of a needlework casket.  

Each faux painted casket is adorned with gorgeous golden metallic trim inside and out, and the beautiful photographs of an embroidered picture that we purchased on our last trip to Pennsylvania and Delaware at Van Tassel Baumann Antiques.  No two are alike in these special handmade limited edition pieces. The garden scene is perfect for the decoration of "Golden Splendor"... so many creatures to entertain you as you gaze at this beauty.   

Inside is full of special toys for the needle worker, as well as a gold-trimmed mirror.  

Since our casket doesn't have a secret drawer to hide a special token in, we have created a matching miniature box that holds a special token, a beeswax butterfly to ply your silks with as you stitch.  

To accompany your time stitching, we have blended a special "Golden Gardens Tea" just for this piece.  It's a lovely flavored black tea that is as beautiful to look at, as is to taste.  We started with Paris/Versailles tea, and added marigold and saffron blossoms.  It will keep you quite satisfied as you work away.  

A lovely chatelaine is included and holds so many beautiful tools of the trade.  

What proper lady would be without her chatelaine, and of course it holds a key, thimble charm, mother-of-pearl ruler, beaded needle threader, silk pin ball, and a lovely awl.  We used gorgeous silk ribbon for the "chains" and wove them through bone rings before attaching them to the butterfly "clasp".

We have a grid pad for your designs, as you visit with your stitching friends and find ones you would like to try from their examplers.  

A silk pouch holds a beautiful magnifier (designs of magnifiers vary, but all are lovely - we will choose one for you), when you are not using it to see your stitches better, you might explore the garden for specimens.  

Every lady at her sampler needs her embroidery scissors, and these Lace scissors from Kelmscott come complete with a fob and leather sheath.  

As we worked along on this gorgeous set, we made up a story about all that goes on in this magical garden, and we included it here in a Story Book with it's own miniature magnetic bookmark. (Spoiler alert - the animals arranged for the lady and gentleman in the picture to fall in love!) 

We have so enjoyed the creatures that roam this piece and they have all been given names. They cannot wait to meet you all as well.  We placed three of them on the special threadwinders.

Last we have a wonderful wallet holding needles, jeweled pins and a thread counter bejeweled as well.  

Words cannot begin to tell how beautiful "Golden Splendor" is, so the photos are here to show you all the special little toys and tools that need a home with a special stitcher.  Remember that this is a limited edition and when they are gone there will be no more.  

Right now, we have a stack of them waiting for YOU!

The photos on the website are a touch larger, so you can see every detail.  This beautiful casket will sell for $225 plus shipping. If you are outside of the United States, please email us directly at inthecompanyoffriends@gmail.com so that we may figure the proper shipping for your order.

Two other pieces have been designed to go along with this piece and will be sold separately, a lovely thread palette and a magnetic bookmark to keep your place in your favorite needlework book.   

Thank you so much for your continued support. We love our work, and hope you will like our "labor of love".


  1. I am BREATHLESS with amazement - this is so fabulous! Congratulations! May I share on the Needleprint blog, please? Love Jacqueline

  2. Of course! We are so honored!


  3. Julie and Becky, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Vera

    1. Thank you so much, Vera - we love how they turned out!


  4. An absolutely beautiful, beautiful set! Congratulations on your wonderful work. :-) I really wish that I could buy one.


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