Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is Still Coming!

Julie and I would like to wish you all a very "Happy Holiday" season with your family and friends! We thank you all so very much once again this year for your continued support of our business. We enjoy so much what we do, but that joy wouldn't be half as much fun if we didn't have all of you to share our creations with. So first and foremost thank you.  We hope you are all looking forward to the New Year and all it has to hold.

Last time, we talked a bit about What's New over at our sales website.  You responded, and the boxes are sold out!  Thank you to everyone for your support - we will be working on a new boxed set early in the new year.  If your heart is absolutely set on a boxed set, fear not - there will be more soon, and we are so excited about the new design we have in mind!  We will also do a bit larger run of them, as we think they'll be very popular!

Our Tokens of Friendship program is also proving quite popular - you don't want to miss out - you have until January 15th to sign up - don't be late!

The last three new gift items that want to join your other favorite stitching tools are part of "Mademoiselle's Peacock Accoutrements"  all adorned with beautiful cranberry ribbons that add a festive touch and a wonderful peacock motif. 

We have a "Shoe"  with thimble heel, and beautiful crystal head pins and needles ready to help you stitch a special gift. 

We have a "Glove" that holds the scissors you need to clip the threads of those special gifts you are stitching madly

and we have a "Pocket" with a set of peacock pins, peacock counter and needles ready to take with you on your journey.  

All of these are wonderful little gifts to pop into the mail or wrap up for your stitching friends, or slip under the tree for yourself!

We can still ship items to get to you in time for Christmas giving, so hurry on over and see What's New at In the Company of Friends!

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  1. i wish you all a very happy christmas and a very happy new year..hugs xx


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