Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jane Austen was here... and so was I!

Do you love Jane Austen?  Me too - and while Pride and Prejudice is wonderful in all ways, I also love Persuasion - not least because it is set, in part, in Bath - a town Jane Austen knew very well from living there.  I love her descriptions of the society there.  In the late 1990's my husband and I traveled through England and part of Scotland, and we loved Bath.  The way they have preserved the Roman Baths as well as the Georgian and Regency rooms and buildings is wonderful.  If you can't travel there today, you can, at least, take a tour.  (This is really nifty).

Click on the Pump Room Tour and you will see the Pump Room itself, with red arrows to click to see the other rooms, the baths - even the King's private lounge and bath!  Make sure you have Flash installed and enjoy the tours!

Have fun!

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