Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tea with Prudence and Sarah, Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now that it's safe to allude to a "tea party" again, election day being behind us once more, we truly wish we were able to attend this one!  When we were in Connecticut last week, the Prudence Crandall House
was one of our favorite stops!  Prudence Crandall was a young woman who had the courage (some would say audacity) to open a school for black girls in Canterbury, CT.  in 1833.  During the 17 months her school was open, she was harassed, threatened, jailed, and finally attacked.  She was ultimately forced to close the school because it was no longer safe for her students to attend.  She was a trailblazer!  (Literally, since her critics set fire to the building that was her home and school).  

Miss Crandall was moved to open her school when, after admitting a young black woman to her female academy, all the parents of her white students removed their daughters.  That first black student was Sarah Harris, who went on to teach other black girls.  Unable to deny the right to education to any students who might wish to come to her, Prudence Crandall lived her principles.  

Next Sunday, those who can get to Canterbury, CT., can have tea with Prudence and Sarah - lucky!  We really envy you and would love to hear from any who attend.

The rest of our visit to Connecticut will be the subject of many blog entries (we took thousands of pictures!).  But we didn't want to wait on this one as the tea is next Sunday.  Do try to attend if you are at all able!

You must register to attend - contact information is on this page.

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  1. Prudence was one interesting young lady! Your trip sounds wonderful and I look forward to reading more about it. :)


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